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@allybrooke: I am in love with your PASSION.

@camilacabello97: brasil you make it easy to feel loved, que fofos.

@dinahjane97: Brasil you put my love on top! ❤️ thank u for making me feel this way I’ll never forget it for as long as I live.

@laurenjauregui: In all sincerity thank you to all of you guys for making this such an incredible experience for us. WE COULD FEEL YOUR LOVE and it was such a beautiful beautiful experience!! Você tem meu coração ❤️

@normanikordei: today is our last day in Brasil. I’m gonna crawl in a corner, cry & eat brigadeiro #EuTeAmo. i never wanna leave

@fifthharmony: We can’t thank you enough & we hope you know how much this trip has meant to us. We can’t wait to come back.

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Have you seen that post saying beyoncé copied J-Lo with all those pictures of them wearing similar costumes, what's that about?


"Tá sozinho?"


"To, pode falar"


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8/100 favorite photos of selena

8/100 favorite photos of selena

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All to myself, I want you all to myself, and nobody else.

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I love Him !!!! <3 

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Kylie: "Oh hey #KendallKylieMaddenGirl @nordstrom @stevemadden"


Kylie"Oh hey #KendallKylieMaddenGirl @nordstrom @stevemadden"

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